5 Apps I can’t live without

As cliche as it may sound, my whole life is on my phone. Yeah sure there’s my gallery, social media and all my contact numbers, but most importanly of all my phone is my office in the palm of my hand. I kid you not. There are days when I literally have to work from my phone. These are days when I’m off ill and the office calls me for certain things. Don’t worry it’s only for emergencies. When I’m off ill you’d best believe that I’m so sick that I couldn’t lift my head in the morning. Then there are days when our cables have been tampered with and we have no internet connection or when there’s been a power cut. Deadlines are deadlines and we have to make provision for all kinds of obstacles. It is for this reason that my phone’s memory is mostly taken up by apps and little else. The 5 Apps I can’t live without simplifies my life on more than one level.


Again cliche but there’s a good reason why. My gmail account has 6 email accounts linked to it. Obviously my own gmail account which I’m forced to use from time to time. I just haven’t had the time to wean everyone off it as yet and it’s been years since I use my emails linked to my website. Then there are my two email accounts linked to my website. The one is for personal mails and then the other for blog related mails only. We have 3 email accounts for our school and I have two of those linked to my gmail. Don’t ask me why there are so many accounts. I inherited it and have slowly been weaning people off the two that I have linked to my app. This is to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Lastly, I have my boss’s personal email linked as well. Sometimes I wonder how that man can trust me as implicitly as he does. I will never ever trust anyone with my personal account. Ever! Imagine he makes me really mad one day and I decide to send an email from his account in a fit of rage? Then again, karma scares the living daylights out of me so I won’t dare. His emails don’t interest me either so I don’t snoop. If I accidentally opened an email from my notifications I’ll immediately close it, mark it as unread and inform him of it. I’m a good two shoes guys.

Banking App

I don’t operate with cash. It’s also the reason why I have to sometimes ask my mom for money to buy a loaf of bread if my husband is not around. I don’t know how many times this has happened and one would have thought that I would have an emergency stash in case something like this happens. I have an emergency stash at times but always seem to forget to replace it once I’ve used it.


This is the 2019 version of Truecaller. Somehow I lost deleted the previous app from my phone and didn’t realize until a few weeks ago random strangers called me the whole day. I seems to be attracting the wrong number crowd that day and diverted my phone so it would just stop ringing. An IG buddy reminded me of the app and I immediately downloaded it and now it’s in my NB folder so if it goes missing then I’ll notice it immediately.

Tiny Scanner

Like I said, my office can be run from my palm and I find myself scanning documents quite frequently. This is done mostly for work purposes but comes in handy for my personal use. I don’t utilize the facilities at work for personal use except for the occasional print. When I have to scan and email something for my kids or husband it’s done on my phone. I am admin executive both at work and at home.


Of all my social apps this is one trumps all. It feeds my creativity. Whether I need inspiration on how to match up clothes, get recipes for essential oil blends, patterns for sewing/knitting/looming/crocheting this is my go to. I am a chronic DIY’er. Everything I have ever thought of can be found on one board or the other. Even stupid advice like how to get softer heels by using Listerine. If you’re reading this, please don’t ever try that. It doesn’t work.

I’m not kidding when I say chronic diy’er

For the past few months I have been getting ideas and inspo for my forever home and can’t wait for our home to be completed so that I can put this pins to work. Aside from that I got some pretty neat hacks from there and I look forward to sharing it with you as I continue with the blog challenge for this month.

These are my main apps that simplifies my life but if you look at the features image you’ll note that there are quite a few others in my NB Apps Folder. Another important one that I didn’t mention was the Findmy Mobile app. Almost three years ago my phone was stolen and I was upset. This app gave me peace of mind because the moment I realised it was stolen, I logged in to a of and locked my phone which meant that whoever had it couldn’t access any of my information. Luckily I was due for an upgrade and I got a replace my phone the same day. After cloning my data from my lost phone I logged in again and wiped all the data from that phone. Whoever had the phone would not be able to access any of my info. If you have a Samsung then I definitely recommend you create an account and get the app.

PS: My current phone is due for an upgrade but I’ve decided to cancel my contract instead. I really don’t need a new one and while I’ve been satisfied with my service provider, I’ve discovered a more cost effective way to manage my phone usage. A more frugal way.

Which apps can you not live without?

With love,


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