5 Days in and I’ve made Resolutions 

5 Days later and already I’m procrastinating…

The last time I made New Years Resolutions I was probably a teenager with naive expectations thinking I could run the world or make a boy like me. As it turned out, I couldn’t run my life that time because, well, you know parents and their spiel “As long as you’re living under MY roof” and turns out the boy didn’t like me. He may have liked my legs ( or let’s just pretend that he did) but not me.
Also, not making resolutions was the new black and before I knew it life happened and there was no time for that. The fact that I’m constantly re-evaluating my life makes a New Year’s Resolution kind of moot point. Besides, Spring is the beginning of my new year. So full of life and possibilities. 

Currently I am well into a third of my ‘Year of Yes’ and doing my utmost to be more flexible and spontaneous.

The idea came about after I read Shonda Rhimes book titled ‘Year of Yes’. The book resonates with me because like her, I never said yes to anything. Or more aptly, I’d say yes and then renege on my promise. Somewhere along the line I’d become a homebody who would much rather curl up with a book than experience life. Kinda dull but I feel more safe at home. The control freak in me also felt I’d have a better handle on things right here.

This woman is genius! How could she not be?

Another plaque I can add, that wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution, was my decision to go to natural in many other aspects of my life. I’ve learnt to mix potions of essential oils from scratch and it works wonders. Like really works! It’s also the reason my two-going-on-fifty-five twin nephews come running to me “to make it better” even when their parentals are around. It’s become somewhat of an in-joke but not-a-joke for my family that I am the family doctor. If you’ve got an ouchie, I’m the chosen one. I even have cleaning blends that’s non toxic and works wonders. *give me a moment while I blow my own horn*

This year however, I’ve decided to break from the norm and make New Year’s Resolutions. I am in a committed relationship with myself and there is no way I’m going to set myself up for failure after all. So why not, right? A bit inconsistent at times but hey, it’s my life and I’m not too hard on myself. The guilt ship has sailed a few years ago and I’m at the point in life where I take things easy. There is nothing more liberating than being a mid thirty woman. 

New dreams, goals and plans of action has been made. Yes, let’s call it plans and not resolutions for a moment because we all know how quickly we can forget about it before it even goes south. So while some of us are still not calling it resolutions, we’ve got 365 (minus 4) days and opportunities of improvement and what better way than to start it at the beginning of a new year. If you’d rather wait for Spring to start afresh, that’s great too. But start.

My goals are so achievable and mundane that it’s not the kind of thing that needs writing. But as they say, if you don’t write it down it’s just a dream. Kick the habits, write down your dreams and goals and be intentional about it.

So, what is so boring that it’s made its way to my list?

1)  Start eating breakfast!!!! 

2) Enrich and encourage my kids daily by writing notes to the kids and be sure to pop it in their lunch boxes. (This one is easy! I’ve already written the notes and placed it in a “Tip” jar ready to pack. Planning and preparation was key)

My kids “Tip Jar” all done and dusted

3) Take down Christmas tree and pack it away WITH trimmings to avoid a search party on 1 December. Not today though, as taking it down symbolizes the end of the holiday and I’m not ready.

4) Finally get drivers license. Not for independence per se. I’m still terrified of driving. But I’ll do it because Uber is costly and having to stay home because the Mister wants to enjoy an adult beverage is so 2000-and-late. Also, I don’t see myself in public transport ever again. 

These ID pics are OK-ish right?

5) Start working out again. I could do with endorphins and dopamines. Agoraphobia has decided to rear its ugly head and whisper sweet nothing’s more frequently these days. We’re mostly “on again” in our love/hate relationship. Bleh!

6) Write a letter to Pringles and request (possibly beg) for extra millimeters to be added to the circumference of the tin. I don’t have man hands but I ain’t 5 years old either. 

7) Take my vitamins daily!!! 

8) Make sure that Patsy, my sweet potato plant, flourishes and more importantly, stays alive!

Isn’t Patsy lovely?

9) Learn  to do those fancy braids and twists so I can be lazy more often and wear protective hairstyles. Emphasis on lazy.

10) Learn song lyrics!!! It’s the least I can do considering it’s bad enough I can’t hold a note.

11) Learn to do some of the “men duties” around the home like changing plugs etc. Not that I will be doing it regularly but I see it as a way of empowerment. I would be totally lost without the Mister so I need to be capable for any eventualities.

12) Learn to take power naps again. It’s been ages. More like seventeen years ago that I last had one of those. Since becoming a mom I’ve only just wanted really long naps. Preferably ones that lasts a week at a time.

13) Get over my irrational fear and avoidance of the number 13. Totally nothing to do with Friday the 13th. The number just doesn’t sit well with me.

I guess I could have rounded a couple of these up and say that I should take better care of my body but I need bite size chunks. It makes it more manageable. And if I fail in one area at least I would have scored on another. Watch me cheap psycho myself with my resolutions.

What is your take on resolutions? And have you any plans/goals for 2018.

Looking forward to to hearing all about it.

With love,


  1. ChevsLife

    January 5, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    The number 13 always reminds me of a horror novel I read while sitting in the library, something about door number 13. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Now, those resolutions are so attainable! And I hear you in Uber – eeck, convenient but costly.

    1. CJ

      January 5, 2018 at 11:03 pm

      Memory fails to acknowledge the reasoning behind the number. Is that the title of the book? Maybe I should read it.

      Definitely attainable. I guess it just takes some realistic goals to make resolutions. Who knew it’s be so simple?

      I have Ausome Kai to thank for the driver’s inspiration. That kid believes in you so much that it’s filtered eight through to me 😉 *hint hint*

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