Dear Future Daughter In Law || Letter 1 of many

This year I received my first set of training wheels in preparation of loving you. Your husband, my son, had asked a girl to be his Matric dance companion. I also learnt that she is his special friend! I still can’t deal with the knowledge. That’s also the reason why I made sure he knows how to don a condom. Unplanned pregnancies are not the worst thing that can happen by having unprotected sex.

By now you will have seen the pictures and thought that he probably looked goofy. You will more than like feel pretty much the same as I do every time I look at the husband’s Matric dance pics. I promise you this though, as skinny malinks as they are on those pics, they do fill out all right. In all the right places. And no, I’m not about to embarrass you, or me for that matter. I purely mean that my guys are good men. At least that’s how I trained them. But, dear future daughter in law, there are a few things I should let you know about your husband and the family you married into.

First off you should thank God that he doesn’t take after me or my Mr completely. He has the best of both our qualities and it would seem that any kids you guys may have will probably be like their grandparents. I’m sorry about that. But then again, I think we’re going to be rad grandparents and have some great stories to tell them. You’d better brace yourself for it. It could get weird.

This year I had to concede that my little boy, who is already much taller than me, is almost a man. I was never ready for him to grow up. One day when you are blessed with kids you’ll know what I’m talking about. They will be the biggest pain in your behind but also the greatest source of pleasure and they will make your heart beam with pride. The greatest compliments I ever receive is when people tell me how lovely and well rounded my kids are. You may disagree if my son is a turd. Husbands tends to be turds sometimes. Sorry I can’t apologise for that. Every wife’s husband can be royal pain. Worse than kids. Again, brace yourself. Marriage is not for sissies.

I don’t know you yet, but I already know that you will become my daughter in every sense of the word. Except I didn’t give birth to you. Your mom should always be your number one. I don’t want to take her place and I will never be able to. I can only promise to love you as my own because I’ve already made the decision to love you. Warts and all. I too, have many warts but love does conquer all.

I had a brilliant mother in law and I loved her to bits. We had our ups and downs but we loved and respected each other as women and individuals. Our love was by choice and we didn’t allow our kids, her son and grandbabies, to affect our relationship with each other. You would have loved her too. If my mom is still around you will love her too. Although I have to warn you that he is her first grandchild and also the first boy child she had so she is very protective. I’m the easy one. Luckily, and I say that with much respect for my mother in law’s memory, she’s not around because he was her first grandbaby too. You can only imagine the questions the pair of them would have fired at you. They were mighty close too.

I’ve decided to write you these letters so that one day when the time comes you’ll know that you are loved without a doubt. If you are good enough for my son, you are more than good for me and our family. Besides, the woman that can put up with his sarcasm and wit has my respect.

PS: Your father in law paid R100 to see our training wheels up close and personal not too long ago. Your husband and his friends went to the movies and dad dropped them. He was so nosy and wanted to see hubby’s special friend so he walked up to them and asked if he needed more money. Obviously the answer was yes (what kid will say no!) and your hubby scored an extra R100 just because daddy dear wanted to brag by telling me that he saw her first.

PPS: The men in my life can be real daft at times but there’s never a dull moment and they provide some great comic relief.

Until next time….

With love,

Your mother by the law 😘


  1. Shelley

    May 28, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    This is such a brilliant idea, Celestial! I’m sure, whoever she is, she will appreciate these letters.

    1. CJ

      May 28, 2019 at 4:03 pm

      Thank you Shells Bells. She’d better, or else… Lol. I am praying for her and would love for us to one day have the kind of bond that seems very scarce when it comes to mothers and daughters in law.

  2. Jill

    May 28, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    This is absolutely adorable… 100% sure my

    letter to a future daughter in law would sound way different…more threatening but, I’m still working on that….1st child only son definitely my first love…Auww Celeste this

    is the sweetest thank you …But how do i let go…It’s way 2 painful even thinking about it… I love what you wrote about your greatest compliments…forsure mine to

    1. CJ

      May 29, 2019 at 7:10 am

      Oh Jill, I completely understand. My son is my first love too. I’m happy that you are on the receiving of such compliments too. Guess we’re not doing too bad at mothering 😉

      I’m sure that your letter won’t be too bad. 😁 Letting go of our ‘babies’ may be difficult but I trust they will choose good wives one day.

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