Know Your Worth… Then Add Tax


Women feel like they need permission in life. Like we constantly have to explain our decisions and choices to others.

It bothers me that many women, myself included at times, have this thought process. Like whether or not it’s okay to think, feel or do something. We seek validation from others just to be sure that we’re doing things right or that we’re failing successfully. Yes… That’s a thing. Because if even one other woman is doing it wrong like you, then you’re not alone and effectively not the worst person to roam the earth. “Shout out to all the bad moms and horrible friends”(You’re welcome ?)
We feel like we owe everyone explanations, even when we really don’t. We hold ourselves accountable for circumstances out of our control. All the while adding to the baggage we’re already burdened with. When all we really should be doing is owning who we are. It’s that simple. You are responsible for you. Being a woman is already a tough enough gig in itself. Being what you think you should be or doing what you think you should be doing is a No-No. Why would you be so unkind to yourself?

Your existence is not about how people think you should be. It is about how you are today, who you want to be tomorrow and how you will get there.

Life, however, is not all black and white. There is no script to follow and more often than not, we make up the rules as we go along. We paint our lives in shades of grey. Because we’re women. We improvise. It’s a necessity.

Dare to be different

It’s no easy feat when you’re worried about being on the receiving end of judgement. We want to fit in and not be the cause of a change in the current. No one likes change and implementing changes makes anyone a prime candidate for the “Precidency of Unpopularity”. No one wants that title or job. Worry is the source of our apologetics. The bane of our existence. We worry about not living up to expectations, doing too much or too little… Doing nothing at all.

You don’t have to look far to find YOU

Today I want you to believe in yourself a little more. Believe in the person you are right now. No matter what you’re facing, how big or small your task is. Believe in yourself. You’ve got this. Life is not just about giant leaps of faith, it’s about those little step in between. It’s when you believe in yourself that you will learn your worth. You’ll find that you don’t need anyone’s permission, make excuses or owe explanations for being a woman. For being you.

Start obsessing about the things you love about yourself.

You’re so much stronger and braver than you believe. We all have a untapped reserve of potential that’s just waiting to be utilized. Your story may just be the one needed to encourage another woman. Your voice may just be the one who needs to speak up for someone else. Your confidence may be a confirmation to another woman so that she may rise. Don’t sell yourself short.
– You don’t have to ask or wait for anyone’s permission to be true to who you are.
– No apologies required.
– You are worth it! (And then some)

Own your destiny

When you get to that point, do not be afraid to add tax. Your input in this world has a value. And that ladies, is priceless.
With love,


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