My hair journey

Same woman, different hair

As a child I had incredibly long curly tresses. My mom used to tie it two ponytails on the sides and make beautiful locks. My hairstyle may have been marred by the those little orphans in the sun. You know, those baby hairs that tends to fly away. But hey, I rocked the locks.

It would be done on weekends (for Sunday school) occasions like weddings, Christmas, Easter and just about every birthday party we got invited to.

Our hair very rarely got blowdried and olive oil was the elixir of gods. I’m an 80’s kid. It was expected. Also was dressing your kids in perfectly matching outfits. It would be a fashion faux pax of note if you didn’t. At least that’s what I try to console myself with while trying to defend my mom’s fashion choices back then.

Then as we grew older, we upgraded to roller curls and instead of standing in the sun the whole day to sitting under a hooded dryer for an hour. In child time it felt like half a day in the sun. Small victories I tell ya. Olive oil was still the product of choice but conditioner was introduced. Wonderful, wonderful conditioner. Which meant a little less oil. My pudgy little self didn’t know or care about the difference either way. But conditioner. Can you imagine how big I felt? Not to mention rich. There are certain things in life that makes us feel that we’ve ‘Made It’. Well conditioner was that thing back then. I was 5 so no judgies.

Having my hair did always felt like a chore. Much later in life I still feel that way. (Later than my 5year old self at least) Even more so now that I am the proud owner, oops mother, of two girls.

Now you know how it started but here is where the journey really began…

Back when I started high school I got my first haircut. Went from mid-back length to a short Bob. I felt liberated. I was big. I was smug. I thought I was the bees knees. I was a teenager. An annoying, angry at the world teen who thought the world owed her something. Not all of this info is quite relevant but I thought you should know.

That first cut was to be the start of many hair experiments. You see, that first cut made me realise that it was my form of expression. My social experiments. My way of breaking boundaries. It can be here today, gone tomorrow. And the best part of all? It grows back. So over the years I cut it too many times, shaved it all off on a whim, coloured it in weird colours, chemically straightened it. Such fun was had. The worst thing I ever did was relaxing it. Never was my hair more brittle. And then it broke off in chunks. Oh, you don’t have to imagine the horror. I laughed and shaved it again. Sometimes ‘The Whim’ is stirred by experiments gone wrong.

The best thing? The Brazilian blowdry treatment. Why? I could do a strenuous workout before work in the morning and wash and blowdry my hair in 20 minutes flat. And still take my time getting done for work. Now that you can imagine. Time is money people.

Fast forward to the most recent hair diaries…

Big Chop Day

A few months ago I decided to go natural. Which I thought would be pretty easy. You just stop what you’re currently doing with your hair, change products and boom! You have the curly splendour crowning your head. How wrong I was. I spent most of my time researching and watching Youtube clips.

I went out and bought a whole array of products. Spent a small fortune on it actually. Some money wasted and some pretty good investments made.

Natural hair is not for sissies. For real guys. There are so many do’s and don’ts. Not to mention the terms. It took me a while to realise that “BC” is a big chop. And what is parabens even? Oh and did you know that your hair has a porosity? Ok maybe you all know this already and I’m just daft but my vocabulary has expanded so much in the last few months and all this because of hair.

What does it mean to have natutral hair then?

In a nutshell it means that you use no heat (so long, Corriolis my friend), no chemicals and preferably no products containing parabens. Olive oil (right back at the magic elixir), coconut oil and Shea butter are your best friends. You start reading hair product labels like you’d do with food. Which I don’t do but I guess I may as well start reading food labels now too.

A few weeks ago I did my big chop and officially started my natural hair journey. Gone back to my roots. So if you’re looking for me, I’ve gone back to my roots and probably standing In the sun.

Stay tuned for my next hair update where I’ll be going into more detail about my big chop and also explain what transitioning is.

With love,



  1. Shelley

    June 10, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    I am still researching this and time is a major issue. Not sure if I can do the change-up just yet. I have started the weaning off chemicals little by little until the day I’m finally done…but for now chemicals are needed (until I find my groove, I guess). More power to you. Looks fab.

    1. CJ

      June 10, 2017 at 5:33 pm

      I’ve been a bit delayed on the hair posts but I hope to add to your research soon. Time definitely is a major factor. It makes me want to reach for my hair dryer and flat iron plenty of times because it’ll be so much easier.

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