Last week I started with the series Thursday Tips to shed some light on the DIY beauty tips and treatments we see on the interwebs. The series is made up of all my Pinterest fails I tried and tested. I love me a good experiment. […]

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I’m both a Warrior and a Worrier

I’m fierce, powerful, sassy. I’m bold, daring and somewhat courageous. I wear my crown, along with my many hats, with pride. I’m a woman, wife and mother. Above all, I’m a warrior. But I’m also scared and insecure sometimes. My feelings get hurt more than […]

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Who you are vs What you do

A few years ago my sister and I went to a local police station to have some documents certified. The police official who assisted her wasn’t too friendly until she noticed that amongst her documents was her law degree. A cheap piece of paper elevated […]

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