Selfishness Must Fall!

Today I’m heartbroken and livid! Upset by people who think they can make and do just as they please, to hell with the consequences. Never mind the impact it may have on other people’s lives. Today I also feel disgusted in the human race. I […]

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Beating the Bully {Part 2}

BULLYING ON THE PLAYGROUND  (SCHOOLS) In the first post of this series, I gave some insights on bullying and shared some of my own experiences with my kids and one of my niece. How we have have overcome some situations and how I choose to […]

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Beating the Bully {Part 1}

  Call it intimidation, strong-arming, harassment or whatever you like. Dress it in pink and tie a bow around it. Candy coat it and cover with a slight dust of powdered sugar. Heck, even give a few well earned ‘stripes’ and an official title if […]

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