Forgiving the unforgivable

At 4h48 my demons of unresolved business woke me from my slumber. Well mostly it was my bladder, but I was woken up by an uneasy feeling nonetheless. In typical “I-need-a-wee-but-I-really-don’t-want-to-get-up-just-yet” fashion, I laid in bed and my dreams I had before waking up flashed […]

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Selfishness Must Fall!

Today I’m heartbroken and livid! Upset by people who think they can make and do just as they please, to hell with the consequences. Never mind the impact it may have on other people’s lives. Today I also feel disgusted in the human race. I […]

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Who you are vs What you do

A few years ago my sister and I went to a local police station to have some documents certified. The police official who assisted her wasn’t too friendly until she noticed that amongst her documents was her law degree. A cheap piece of paper elevated […]

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