The Princess and the Tennis Ball

I don’t know about you, or maybe I’m an impossible wife to please, but getting a good massage from my husband is like hanging a wet load of washing out to dry. In the rain. To be fair, Super M has many talents. Back rubs being one of his fine qualities. But a good old fashioned massage is not his forte. Like cutting men’s hair is not mine. We have to have to spend our money on something.

However, sometimes money is the object or the the obstacle. More often than not, time is my biggest obstacle. What I don’t lack in the money department I lack in time. Spoken like a true Mrs Money Bags. But seriously, time is never on my side. Or patience. Or maybe it could be that I don’t like waiting and compromising. Wait… That is what patience is, right? Anyhoo, the short of it is that if I have a problem I need it to be sorted immediately. I cannot work my time around if and when someone or an institution can accommodate me. I may just not be in the mood on the day of the appointment or something else may have come up. And something else always pops up. Like, I may just be tired and the opportunity to sleep pops up. It happens. Mostly it’s my kids schedules. Not that I have to actively participate in all their activities. Sometimes all I have to do is just show up (make sure they show up) and or worry. And that does take lots of energy doing. Not to mention time.

For the past few years I’ve been struggling with an achy shoulder. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll notice that I have a habit of tossing in some or other health problem here and there. I feel kind of broken. I also wonder if the husband doesn’t feel like trading me in for a newer model at times. One that functions properly. Or at least at 60%. That’d be great for him. Although I must mention that his next wife won’t be as exciting in the least. She won’t leap out of bed and do some crazy dance. A crazy dance and keel over in pain again. The bed being the same bed she spent the whole day in because her kidneys are up to no good He won’t find another me. And she won’t be me. Such is life. But before this post goes maudlin, I want to tell you that I recently discovered I am a princess. And no, I’m not dying.

If you’ve been suffering with health problems as much as I have and you’ve lost faith in modern medicine; again, as much as I have; you start searching the interwebs for alternate remedies. Maybe you’ll have gotten freaked out when you find yourself in some rabbit hole and be convinced that you’re about to die. Yes/No/Maybe? I can honestly say I didn’t Google myself into a near death experience yet. Only Youtube’d a surgical procedure I had done the night before surgery and that didn’t go down well. I’m sure you’ve been warned plenty of times but I’m going to warn you again in the hopes that you actually take heed to this. Do. Not. Google. Medical. Conditions. Go to the friggin doctor!!!

I should also add that you shouldn’t go with just any kind of remedy you find on the interwebs either. But then I’d be telling you to stop reading and that won’t do. But seriously guys. Be careful of what you put in your mouths and also take what you read on the internet with a pinch of salt. And whatever you do, please don’t soak your feet in Listerine in the hopes of having soft heels. It doesn’t work. Gargle that liquid and use it for dental hygiene only.

What does work though, is a tennis ball. A tennis ball works to massage out the kinks in your muscles. It’s a great source of getting a deep tissue massage in the comfort of your own home. Or office. Or just about anywhere. I’d be careful if doing it in a public bathroom though. People will think you’re just plain weird. Especially if you start moaning sighs of relief. It’s that good.

The nitty gritty:

Take a tennis ball and place it on a hard surface for you to comfortably roll your achy bits on. You can do it laying down or standing up. The trick of getting it to work those kinks, is to gently move your arms in different directions without having to do much.

When standing up, gently move up and down or side to side to get the ball(s) rolling. The main point of this is to be comfortable. You already have pain so don’t add discomfort by placing yourself in a difficult position.

Minimal time and no money involved. A quick fix in your own home. Exactly my kind of therapy. Plus, you get to decide how much pressure you will allow. Always bearing in mind that less is more. Don’t work it too hard and expect your pain to fade. You could do more harm than good. Sometimes all our bodies require is a gentle rub. I’ll reiterate: Go with a position and level that makes you feel good and not uncomfortable.

You can use one or two tennis balls. If you use two, place it in a sock to keep it from rolling away.

Squeezing a Tennis ball helps with hand and wrist strengthening. Post carpal tunnel release I used this to gain strength in my hand. These days I use it to alleviate pain and discomfort in my right hand and wrist. So far it’s been helping me delay surgery on that hand. With luck I may not have to operate at all.

WARNING: Do not roll your spine on the balls! Never go near your spine with anything. It’s dangerous.

Sometimes I go to bed with a tennis ball just to place some pressure on my aches. I find that when I apply pressure to any ache, it soothes it. This helps me fall asleep. It also helps me wake up I the morning. Because what real princess can’t feel that there’s ball in her bed? I must mention that I don’t sleep on the ball the whole night. In my slumber I somehow move it and carry on sleeping. It helps knowing that my bed isn’t a hard surface and that the springs absorbs most of the pressure from the Tennis balls so I can’t cause any damage.

My guilty pleasure is always a good massage. While I do not go as regularly as I would like to, I do make time to go and to see a physio for my shoulder. That’s what trained professionals are there for.

Have you ever tried a non traditional method of therapy and how does it work for you? Also, if you given the Tennis ball a go, please let me know how it worked for you.

With love,



  1. furtdsolinopv

    August 5, 2018 at 10:23 am

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. …

    1. CJ

      August 11, 2018 at 10:48 am

      Experiences are meant to be shared. 😉

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