Last week I started with the series Thursday Tips to shed some light on the DIY beauty tips and treatments we see on the interwebs. The series is made up of all my Pinterest fails I tried and tested. I love me a good experiment. Since it’s also my birthday this month, I’ve decided to do my very first giveaway which will include all my favourite things. Enough about that for now though. First let me give you this weeks tips and epic fails and you decide what not to try at home.

1) Diy sugaring (hair removal)

According to some beauty gurus you can make your own sugaring wax by mixing sugar, lemon juice and water in a saucepan. Boil. Cool down. Apply wax and strip off with material. Easy enough right?

Wrong. This is a treatment I have tried on many occasions. I am extremely hairy and shave often. (Not everyday people! But often enough) During my first attempt I burnt myself a few times. Yes a few. Every time I’d think the mixture was cool enough it turned out not to be. Eventually it went too cold and I couldn’t do much with it. The second through fourth times I realized that the quantities for the standard recipe must have been incorrect or my stove top too hot or something. What was conclusive about my experiments was that I wasted too much time, sugar and lemon juice.

When I wax, I prefer to have a qualified aesthetician do what they do best. Unless a drugstore brand catches my attention and the product comes recommended like Julienne hot wax for small areas. Ladies! That wax is magic. I’ve tried and tested and will be waxing small areas by myself now. Thank you very much.

2) Mashing any kind of fruit and applying it as a hair mask

While I don’t doubt that it may work. For some people that is. This was not for me. Even though I am a natural hair enthusiast and make my own hair masks and curl creams, this is definitely not for me. But why you ask?

I’ve tried it off course. The banana mask. Let me tell you that getting that gunk out of your hair makes Mission Impossible seem like a romantic comedy. Allthough I might add that I probably kept it on for too long or the bananas weren’t the right grade. Who knows? It took me a good couple of rinsed for a few days to get it out.

Give me a jar of mayo or any other condiment and I’ll try it. I am not done experimenting on that front just yet. As for fresh fruit. Heck no.

3) Whitening fingernail soak

This method suggest you soak your nails in a solution of baking soda, water and hydrogen peroxide. The result. White nails, naturally.

First off, if you’ve ever coloured your hair yourself you’ll note that the instructions always advises using gloves. Obviously you don’t want your hands stained. But the most obvious of all is that the chemicals in the dye can harm your skin. The main chemical is most often hydrogen peroxide. Now why people? Why would you willingly dip you fingers in a solution that contain hydrogen peroxide?

Short answer. If you’re like me, you want your nails to look whiter. Especially if you wear nail polish often. Somehow it just looks neater and more attractive. At least that’s what my little brain tells me.

Ladies, besides the fact that it can be harmful to your skin. It doesn’t work. Myth busted! If you really want to avoid yellowing nails then always apply a base coat before you apply nail polish and allow your nails to breath some days by not wearing any nail polish.

4) Hair Conditioner as shaving cream

Does you conditioner outlive your shampoo? What am I asking, off course it does. This was by far the best tip ever. Apply consider on your legs as you would shaving cream and go. Not out the door. I mean shave. The razor literally glides over your skin. It makes for a smooth shave and my legs feel silky. I’ve also noticed fewer cuts.

Conditioner also has some other amazing and uncommon uses. I mix my own fabric softener using conditioner, vinegar, water and essential oils. You can also rescue shrunken clothing and Barbie hair by soaking it in water with conditioner. The interwebs suggest a few other uses as well but I can’t vouch for that. Maybe one day when I need to prevent tools from rusting I’ll try rubbing it with conditioner but for now I’ll stick to what I know.

Watch this space next week for the next instalment of Thursday Tips. And remember you don’t always have to learn by your own mistakes, that’s why there are curious cats like me who happens to be a diy junkie who can guide you 😉

Now for the fun part…

This week I’m adding another item of my favourite things to the basket of goodies for the giveaway.

You can find the giveaway details and rules on my first post here

PS: This post is not sponsored by Julienne. I simply love the wax and use it myself.

With love,


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