What is Brand YOU?

Through the looking glass

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a person or a brand?

Like me, do you see all your imperfections? The break line in my lip line caused by an unsightly cold sore when I was 15. My lazy eye that makes me appear slightly drunk when I’m too tired. My button nose inherited from my ancestors. My brows that… My teeth that.. Or the hole below my bottom lip where I once had a piercing.

Wait just a minute! I don’t want you to be looking at my pictures and identifying all of this when I post one on one of my social feeds again. And I don’t want you think I’ve got self-esteem issues. Far from it actually. FYI, I happen to think I’m awesome. Big ears and all. It is what it is.

Oh I do look at my imperfections all the time but I also stare long and hard at what the husband sees when he looks at me. Or I wonder if he realizes how lucky he is. See? No self-esteem problems here. What some of my colleagues see when they ask me if I’m in my prime? I still don’t get it but I suppose it’s a compliment. Oh how I love the glow of my 30’s. (Also. Note to self: Glowing? Whaaat? You’re not pregnant but just go buy a test to eliminate that thought for good)

Then I stare a little harder to check if my eyes truly are the windows to my soul. So I think a happy thought and check if you’ll be able to see it. Nope. You can’t. What you can see is the mischievous gleam in my eyes. The kind of look that gets me questioned for random things sometimes. Like for hiding my boss’s spectacles. That wasn’t me by the way. Or the kind of look that gets store security follow me around because I look suspicious. Like I would steal? Quite the opposite. I’d rather pay double for an item. I’m honest and paranoid like that. Mostly paranoid. I might make you follow me around for the heck of it. You know, give you a practice session for when real criminals come around. I’m often told that I look like a naughty child. Guilty.

At this stage I should tell you that I’m practicing my smile. (Still looking in the mirror people) For future photo ops and selfies. Duh. And I talk to myself for a little bit. Not because I need expert advice or anything as fanciful as that. I do it because I’m a tad crazy. Also because the husband says I do but I still don’t quite believe him.

As I stare I try to see how people see me in general. How I’m perceived.

What is my brand?

Your Brand

What is the first thing people think about when they think of me? What do they associate me with and vice versa? Am I authentic?

And before you think I made you read all about me (which will be somewhat true because this is after all my blog) think again. I have to work with what I’ve got here. Warts and all. I’m my best and worst examples of life every day.

Let’s face it, every waking moment of our lives we are selling ourselves. Albeit at work. At the mall. At church. At school. Even at the doctor’s rooms.

How important is your brand? Do you add value? Are you living your best life?

Take a look at popular brands and how they are defined and identified. If we talk make up MAC, Revlon and a few others will come to mind. The word jeans makes me think of Levi’s, G-Star Raw etc. How about retail outlets? How do you identify Woolworths or Spar?

When my name comes up (in real-life) I’m mostly considered as bubbly, silly, friendly and awesome (I totally had to put that in there). Some people would define me as being uptight and a real goodie-two-shoes. But that’s perception for you.

When it comes to identifying my brand it’s a bit tricky. First of all I’m the crazy lady who does everything to her hair. Long/brown/straight hair today and short/green/curly tomorrow. And my smile. That’s mostly how I’m known. I go big.

Perception and first impressions aside… We’re not marketing some random product here either. We’re talking about you. Would you buy you or pay for a service from you? Do you like who you are? Most of all, do you trust and respect you?

Now you’re on. What is your brand and have you ever really sat down and identified it? Are you owning it?

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