Who am I evens?

At the start of the second half of 2019, I have decided to participate in a writing challenge for July. In typical me fashion, I’m delayed and have a few posts to catch up on so bear with me. I’m going to bombard you with 2 posts per day for the next few days in order for me to catch up. The first thing you really should know about me and this little apace on the interwebs I call my second home is that I love a challeng. This is part of a writing challenge to step up my blogging game because I’ve kinda dropped the ball. Let me also start off by saying that I am the woman who thinks better through her fingertips and I believe I have this imaginary wand that enables me to bippitty bappity boom some smiles into your life. One word at a time. So who am I evens?

When I’m not writing, on my space or on a ghost writer capacity, I am a woman first then a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, mentor etc. My day job includes catering to the whims of my work husband (aka my boss) and our hundreds of kids, which may or may not include some of the adults I work with from time to time. I often have to remind said boss that even though I go to school on a daily basis, I come to work everyday and not to attend school. Been there, done that.

Some may say I’m a spoilt wife, and they would be absolutely correct. My husband does 90% of the cooking and I do 100% of the eating. He’s domesticated and because of his shifts he’s home far more than at work so it makes sense. It’s not something I take for granted but it’s not entirely something I glorify him for. We’re a partnership and while I may seem like a spoilt wife, I bring my part to the table. Doing laundry is my jam so no one is ever without clean clothes. And I do cook when my 10% time slot arrives. I just don’t have a liking in it where the husband pours his heart and soul into every dish.

My name is Celeste by the way.

Since we got married I became Mario’s wife. Not many people make it their businesa to find out my name but I quite like being Marios wife. He’s the type of guy everyone flocks to. He is a genuine nice guy, and no it’s not my biased opinion. It’s a fact. Our elderly neighbour has told me on more than one occasion that she has to remind her husband that he is not their son and that her husband shouldn’t ask #SuperM stuff all the time. I call him Super M on social media by the way. It’s sort of an in-joke that started witg the video game Mario Bros and he lives up to the character in the game. My guy is the kind of person you can ask things of all the time. He doesn’t mind and doesn’t think anything of it. We’re both like that. The difference is that I can tell when people want to take advantage and I’m often reminding him of it. Which doesn’t make me win popularity contests.

We have three gorgeous kids and a fur baby whose names all start with the letter K. Kyle, Kiara, Kellyn and Kilo. You can imagine how difficult it is calling them by the right names at times. I have a habit of saying “Child” if the wrong name slips out. I honestly don’t know how I do it. Right now I’m freaking out at the fact that my eldest will be 18 in a couole of weeks. Eeek! Time flies when you’re having fun and while parenting may be stressful at times we make sure to add fun to the mix often. I live for my kids and would rather pass up an invitation to a party when they aren’t invited. I respect the “No Kids” request and sometimes I will jump at the opportunity to not have my kids at a party. It’s great to just be adults and not parents sometimes but as a rule of thumb these days we will decline invitations and expect people to respect our decisions too.

I am one of those annoying morning people and I think my husband may have thought of a million ways to kill me already because he’s the exact opposite. When I switch on you can believe that I’ll be switched on for most of the day until people happen. Horrible people that is. I can’t stand rudeness and unkind people. Knowing how difficult it is to flick my happy switch but still bringing it and king a fine job of it, it grates me knowing that some people just don’t care enough to make an attempt. My mirror intensity is reserved for them on days when killing them with kindness is futile.

When I started this blog a few years ago, I had big plans. I wanted to go places and inspire women. My passion for women’s empowerment is so deep and all I really wanted to do was motivate them and be every woman’s cheerleader. Then life happened and I was presented with the unique opportunity to do this I real life. With the young ladies at my school. Working with the girls has been a game changer. Living out my truth and being an example to them is the journey that I was taken on instead. And let me tell you this… Teens can smell a fake from a mile away and they have come to accept me and most importantly, trust me. Trust that when I tell them things, good or bad, it comes from a place of love.

This little real estate on the interwebs has suffered a bit as I found my true calling in inspiring women face to face. As I worked hard to gain confidence and build relationships with women in the virtual world in order for me to empower them by doing microblogs on Instagram. In doing so I have found my tribe. Kindred souls in women who make my heart smile and who makes my day every single day.

It’s time to get back to basics.

I joined BlogBoss not too long ago and I’m learning so many things from the amazing ladies over there. Don’t worry I will introduce them to you in due time. One of the things I learnt was that I need to bring my A Game to my blog once more and tell my story. Maybe my story is not all that different from yours and we can find each other in those stories. In me telling you my stories I hope to encourage you and I really hope that you’ll reciprocate by leaving a comment or sending me an email. I don’t know it all and firmly believe that we don’t always have to learn from our own mistakes.

Besides empowering, inspiring and motivating women, this blog was created to share experiences. And when I share my experiences with you I hope that you’ll be able to relate but mostly my wish is that you’ll be able to find strength and courage within yourself and be the woman you are supposed to be.

This is my day 1 post (Introduction to you and your blog) and day 2 post (Why did you start blogging?) rolled into one. These really should have been shared on 1 & 2 July but if you stick around long enough then you’ll find that I kind of suck at challenges but I do enjoy one. And once I commit to something you can believe that I’ll honour it. Even if it’s a day or 3 later.

I’d love to hear more about the person on the other side of the screen so feel free to comment or send me a mail.

With love,


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