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Letting Go and Moving On

Are you living your best life? What does happiness mean to you? Are you happy? What are you holding onto, that you should have let go of a long time ago? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you living your purpose and do you even know what it is?

The past two weeks I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions. The above being only some of them. And while I thought I’d had it all figured out, experiencing a difficult time in your life will make you question everything you stand for and what you thought you believed in.

Had you asked me any of the questions two months ago my answer would have been YES! I knew what my purpose was, I was happy, felt fulfilled and yes I was living my best life. I had a few things that I had to let go, but it wasn’t major. Nothing earth shattering. At least that’s what I thought at the time.

Had you asked me these questions a month ago, my answer would be maybe. And if you’d asked me three weeks ago, my answer would have been, NO!

Today I asked myself these questions again. Some of the questions were a no brainer and the obvious answer was YES again. Because I led with “Are you ready to move on?” “Are you willing to let go?” “Are you willing to show up every day and participate in your life?” Talk about self motivation and hyping myself up here.

I’m in the process of grieving the death of relationships that has become so toxic that it not only affected me, but it became harmful to my kids. Breaking their spirits and stealing their joy. I had to save not only myself but my kids too. It’s my responsibility to not only keep my kids safe but to also nurture them and prepare them for the world of nasties. That’s if and when I have control over a situation.

It’s been a tough time finding healing and praying for forgiveness. I have been hurt. My kids are hurting. And like most momma bears, you can do what you want to me BUT don’t dare touch my kids. Then all bets are off. Regardless of the position you hold in my life. The hurt is so much worse when it’s inflicted by people closest to you. The sting is so much worse.

Healing is an ongoing process and the prayer of my heart is that I may forgive the persons in question and love them with Godly love. That my feelings of indifference do not become stumbling blocks that hold me back.

You see, holding on will not allow you to move forward. You cannot find peace or joy when you’re stuck in limbo, not willing to make changes. To release people from the parts they played in your unhappiness. Because let’s face it… There will always be people to blame for certain circumstances but the real blame lies with you. People cannot make you feel anything you won’t allow them to. No one has the power to make you feel hurt and sad, unless you give it to them.

Letting go is never easy but knowing the power of your peace and happiness lies in your own hands is liberating. You get to choose how to spend your life. And I don’t know about you, but I choose to be the only decision maker in my life. The only one that gets to decide how I feel about a situation, people’s words or their actions.

I’m ready to move on. Are you ready to let go and move on?

With love,


10 replies on “Letting Go and Moving On”

I knew it, I’ve been thinking about a certain issue in my life, then I had a dream and here it is!
I’m ready to move on yes and I’m letting go of past hurts and still praying for a genuine forgiving heart ♥ Thanks CJ this is a great read!

Isn’t it just amazing how we find our confirmations. I thank God for that. Praying along with you love and I know that one of these days it’ll be second nature. A genuine forgiving heart is what I want more than anything.

A very reflective and wholesome inner love kinda way to move through life. I like it.

Thank you for your encouraging words my Fairy friend. You have been instrumental in all of this. Every post gives me food for thought. ❤ We’re all worth love. Especially self love.

Im moving on ! I had a couple of issues that I just last year noticed was very toxic for my own wellbeing and it somewhat crippled me. This is such a beautiful article, definitely making me think and allowing me to face some demons. We are going to do big things this year its time we let that that doesnt add to the glory go. Thanks Celeste for always being you.

The crippling bit is scary but our awakening holds so much promise. Scary but exciting because we will overcome. You are an inspiration to me and for that I thank you. ❤

I tell you, I do not hesitate when it comes to preserving my peace, our peace. Especially now. I’ve let go, made changes and still trying to let go of some things and people.

Yesss! I wish I’d made my peace a priority a long time ago. Sure it has been, but I’ve had difficulty letting go of certain things and people. Until now. It’s scary but peace feels so good.

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