Experiences Shared

How I taught my kids about Race

“You cannot teach your kids to be anti-racist when you treat different races differently. When  you use derogatory terms when speaking of a particular race.”

Beyond Motherhood

My Stance on Racism, Privilege and Prejudice

So many POC’s are sharing their stories and it breaks my heart reading every one of them. Being stereotyped and criticized for your skin colour is horrendous. I don’t remember ever being on the receiving end of racism directly. I guess the bubble I live in doesn’t allow for that kind of crap. Maybe my […]


Drama Koolaid is Not an Essential Item

I woke up this morning praying for the week ahead. Specifically for ignorant people. For those who run down school communities, when I am a part of a school community and do my best as a mom of 3 biological kids and hundreds of other people’s kids. Schools are not perfect. And let’s leave the […]