Transformation Tuesday

Letting Go and Moving On

Are you living your best life? What does happiness mean to you? Are you happy? What are you holding onto, that you should have let go of a long time ago? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you living your purpose and do you even know what it is? The past two weeks I’ve been asking […]


What social media won’t tell you about me

There is nothing more frustrating than having a conversation with someone in real life and their response to whatever you’re trying to tell them is “Oh I saw on Facebook…” Or “I know your whole life story/ all about what’s going on in your house.” My Facebook account is random and sporadic for that reason. […]

Beyond Motherhood

New Year… Same Me?

The much anticipated new year is upon us and as much as we all crave to exhale and stop wearing those dratted masks, Covid 19 is still as much a reality as it was in 2020. Fun times! Especially since we can’t entire to the beach in summer. But is it really all that bad? […]