What’s love got to do with it?

A couple of days ago I downloaded Tiktok and started uploading video clips of myself. This was after my daughter dragged me into her never-ending choreographed drafts and boldly exclaiming “You can’t dance mommy!” during every take of every clip. Can someone say exhausting? Also, I need to teach my kids about little white lies. […]

Marriage Matter

The importance of intimacy in your relationship

The other night I told my better half that I’m so glad we’re married and not dating. He laughed while I explained (in all seriousness) that I don’t feel obligated to do certain things like stay up late to entertain him. In short, and forgive me for sounding crude, but there is no pressure of […]

Experiences Shared

My Confidence Revolution: Part 1

I can never quite define the exact moment or determining factor of how my confidence started. It was a series of events. From trying out a new hairstyle,learning and speaking my truth, pretending that I am the woman I want to be (you know the old adage of “keep telling yourself that”) to reaching a […]