Transformation Tuesday

Is there purpose to pain?

Every year I select a focus word for the year that will carry me through. The word encourages me to keep sight of my goals and purpose. A gentle reminder of what is important to me and guide me on days when I need a pep talk. And days when I feel overwhelmed and I […]


My Confidence Revolution: Part 2

The words BUT and YET grate my soul. We all know that those three letter words eradicate whatever was said before it right? Yet those are two of my favourite words and here’s why, without getting too technical. Don’t worry it’s not a language lesson. More often than not I will say or do something, […]

Experiences Shared

My Confidence Revolution: Part 1

I can never quite define the exact moment or determining factor of how my confidence started. It was a series of events. From trying out a new hairstyle,learning and speaking my truth, pretending that I am the woman I want to be (you know the old adage of “keep telling yourself that”) to reaching a […]