Beyond Motherhood

New Year… Same Me?

The much anticipated new year is upon us and as much as we all crave to exhale and stop wearing those dratted masks, Covid 19 is still as much a reality as it was in 2020. Fun times! Especially since we can’t entire to the beach in summer. But is it really all that bad? […]

Experiences Shared

My Confidence Revolution: Part 1

I can never quite define the exact moment or determining factor of how my confidence started. It was a series of events. From trying out a new hairstyle,learning and speaking my truth, pretending that I am the woman I want to be (you know the old adage of “keep telling yourself that”) to reaching a […]


Starting Over

A couple of weeks ago I lost all contents of my website. Every single blog post ever published, all drafts and comment ever received. To say I was shattered is a bit of an over statement. Sure I was and still am a tad upset about all the lost content, and I may have lost […]