Beyond Motherhood

New Year… Same Me?

The much anticipated new year is upon us and as much as we all crave to exhale and stop wearing those dratted masks, Covid 19 is still as much a reality as it was in 2020. Fun times! Especially since we can’t entire to the beach in summer. But is it really all that bad? […]


My Confidence Revolution: Part 2

The words BUT and YET grate my soul. We all know that those three letter words eradicate whatever was said before it right? Yet those are two of my favourite words and here’s why, without getting too technical. Don’t worry it’s not a language lesson. More often than not I will say or do something, […]

Experiences Shared

People Like Me CAN…

I was nineteen when I had my first kid. Nineteen, unwed and still a kid myself. Twenty one when baby number two made her way into this world. Still unwed. Barely an adult. Barely a kid. With two tiny humans who depended on me and my then boyfriend, now husband. Thinking back I wonder how […]